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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Blogger Blog Displaying One Post On Home Page - How To Fix It

By: Okereke Ifeanyi ifetex | Time: September 20, 2017 | Label: |

Blogger Blog Displaying One Post On Home Page -
How To Fix It. recently i was having issue with one
of my blog with regards to Blogger Blog Displaying
One Post On Home Page. this means that even after
setting the post option to 7 post on home page from
blogger settings, it was still stuck on blogger blog
displaying one post on front page.
this is a rare issue which i have not come across
before but i was able to resolve it after inserting
one line of code. Blogger Blog Displaying One Post
On Home Page could happen for two reasons, either
you have tempered with the post number option from
blogger settings or you have a long article without
inserting a jump break.
from my own experience, the issue was not from the
blogger settings that allows us to state how many
post we want to be featured on the front page of
the blog but rather it was from one of the article i
have written without adding jump break ( Read More )
as a result of this, the article was clustering the
home page since there is no read more tag, thereby
pushing other articles on the home page to the
bottom and when this is the case, the rest articles
on homepage will be shifted to the bottom and
hidden from the home page.
guess you are beginning to understand the reason
for this. so if you are having this issues, you can
resolve it by trying to figure out which of the
articles you have written recently before it happens
and then add jump break, that is Read More tag to it
so that visitors can click on Read More To See the
rest write up.
this was pretty the main reason in several occasions
as blogger blog normally have a default settings on
the number of post to display on home page. but
although, maybe you or some one must have
tempered with the settings. for this reason, you may
want to first check the blogger settings to see how
many post is featured on home follow the
process below to get it resolved.How To Fix Blogger Blog Displaying One Post On
Home Page.
the first instance would be to check the blogger
settings, so follow the steps below
==> login to your blogger blog dashboard and click
on the blog that is having such issue.
==> scroll down to settings option at the left side,
Select the Post, Comment And Sharing Option
==> You Should See something like
Show at most ?
if there is more than 1 as the number to display on
front page, then the issue is not from the blogger
settings but if there is just 1 as the number, then
change it to your preferred number, either 5 or
more depending on how many post you want to
display on the front page on your blogger blog.
so if the settings is not the issue, then it is certainly
from one of your Articles. to resolve this, search
for the recent articles you have published and edit
it, then add Jump Break to the article. this should
resolve the issue Blogger Blog Displaying One Post
On Front Page. this is exactly what i did and it was

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