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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Blogger New XML Sitemap For Google WebMaster Tool And Bing WebMaster Tool

By: Okereke Ifeanyi ifetex | Time: September 20, 2017 | Label: |

Blogger New XML Sitemap For Google WebMaster
Tool And Bing WebMaster Tool.recenly blogger team
has rolled out with a sitemap.xml for blogger/
blogspot blog which blog owners can make use of in
their web master tool instead of the old rss xml
format. Back then if you want to add your blogger
sitemap to google webmaster tool and bing
webmaster tool, you will have to use the rss feed
xml link or atom feed to serve as your sitemap for
search engine optimization .
But recently, blogger has introduced a sitemap for
blogger blog which can be viewed through . This means that
you can view your sitemap through your website url
and also add the sitemap to your webmaster tool
with same url.
For example, xml sitemap can be
viewed via . This has
been automatically created by blogger and can be
used on google and bing webmaster tool for search
engine purpose. Instead of adding the rss xml feed
or atom link as sitemap for search engine, all you
need to do is to add the
sitemap.xml .This will serve as your sitemap and no need adding
more sitemap even if your post has over 500
The sitemap also has sub sitemap generated after
your post has exceeded over 150 . It will generate
more sub sitemap which will be automatically added
to robot.txt root on your blogger blog.
This means that, if your post is less than 150 , your
sub sitemap will be sitemap.xml?page=1
this means that when you visit
sitemap.xml, you will see some url links with
numbers. Those are the sub sitemap created
automatically when you keep posting.
If the post reaches 151 , it will create an additional
sub sitemap which keeps increasing as the post
increases too.
You will see something like
sitemap.xml?page=1 ,
page=2 etc.
When the post exceed 150 , it adds additional sub
sitemap. This keeps increasing as the post add up to
150 again. So if you have 151 post added to your
site, another sub sitemap will be generated. This will
be called sitemap.xml?page=2 .
Still don't understand right? , let me explain further.
For example, when you visit
you will see list of url links which is up to page=5 .
This means the last sub sitemap url link is page=5
Now multiply 150 by 5, you will get 750 . This
means i have over 700 post on gurubest. A new sub
sitemap will be generated when the post gets to
900 . This means a new sub sitemap.xml?page=6 will
be generated. As the post increases with additional
150 , a new sub sitemap will be generated and
automatically added to your site robots.txt
hope this is helpful.

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