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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How To Embed SWF Flash File On Blogger Blog : No Hosting Required

By: Okereke Ifeanyi ifetex | Time: September 20, 2017 | Label: |

How To Embed SWF Flash File On Blogger Blog . It
may interest you to know that there is a trick you
can use to embed flash swf file on blogger blog
without stress. We both know that blogger, blogspot
blog does not have support for hosting files since
they want to keep their platform clean from hosting
various kinds of files that may end up killing their
servers. With regards to this, you can't embed swf
flash file on blogger, blogspot blog without using
external file hosting site. Simply put, before you can
embed flash swf file on blogger blog, you have to
first look for a file hosting space that supports
such file to enable you embed it on blogspot blog
without issue since blogger does not support
uploading even an html file, not to talk of flash file
such as swf.
If you find yourself with this problem, i am going to
share with you on How To Embed Flash SWF File On
Blogger Blog.
I got to know about this trick when i wanted to
upload questions for Jamb CBT so student can have
access to it in order to use the site for practicing
computer based test or other kind of Test Questions
and the software i got my hands on, enables me to
create jamb cbt software or save the files as a web
page so that i can upload it to an hosting server.
With this, this implies that i have to purchase an
hosting space which i don't intend to do for now, so
i had to look for an alternative which is to embed
flash swf file on blogger blog.
The good thing about the software is that it enables
me to save the completed CBT questions in Flash
SWF format which i just need to upload into an
hosting space and then use an embedding code to
embed it on blogger blog. To do this, you still need
an hosting space but like i had mentioned before, i
don't intend purchase one at the moment. This is
why i am making use of blogger blog and i believe
some other blogger or website owners making use
of blogger blog would love to make use of this trick
to embed flash file on blogspot blog so as they can
save cash from purchasing hosting space. That is
the idea.
To use this trick, we shall be making use of google
site platform to host the swf flash file and then
embed it in our blogger post. How you may ask. Well,
google site is a platform which allows users to
create a simple website for their service, just like
blogger blog, google site is also used for blogging
but it has other features you can't find on blogger
blog such as attachment which you can use to
upload files and then use it on other platform, in
this case, blogger blog.
I was using google drive before now but it appears
that google drive is not working any more since i got
a news that google has stopped hosting of files for
web use on google drive. Note that you can store
files as usual on google drive but you can host the
file to be used for website purpose like before
because it seems they have disabled the features for
this purpose. This is why i opt in for google site
platform to host the file and then use it to embed
flash swf on blogger blog with a code i will share.
So follow the steps to get it done
How To Embed SWF Flash File On Blogger Blog
you need to first set up a website on google site.
Just login with your gmail account on google site
platform via link
==> after login to your account, create a site by
clicking on the create button
==> when done with setting up the site, click on that
particular site name to go to the dashboard.
==> Inside the dashboard, scroll to the upper right,
you will see settings gear button, click on it
==> list of options will display, scroll down and click
on Manage Site
==> it will take you to another page, scroll down to
the left side bar, you will see an option called
Attachment , click on it
==> it will take you to the attachment window, scroll
up to the left, you will see an option called upload.
==> Click on the upload button to upload the swf
flash file. Make sure to name the file without space,
this way you won't have problem. Example, instead
of naming the file "testing flash", you should name it
"testingflash" without space
==> after uploading of the swf flash file, take note
of the name of the file.
==> Now go to your blogger blog to create a blog
post, inside the blog post, use the code below to
embed the flash swf file into the blogger blog post.
make sure to use the blogger HTML editor instead of
the Compose Editor. this way it will be seen as an
html code.

now you will have to replace the google site url
with yours. The only changes will be from the
so replace sitename with your own sitename and
then replace testflash with the name you used to
save the file without touching the .swf extension
because it must end with .swf.
After making the changes, publish the post and view
it, you will see that the swf flash has been embeded
in your blogger blog post.

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